Friday, August 1, 2008

Pageant Day

Ashlyn entered the Miss Otsego County pageant a couple of days ago! She was really excited about it! Her dad went around with her on the scooter collecting money from sponsors so that she could enter. The day of the pageant she was really excited and vey nervous! The night before she practiced her walk and her smile and seemd at ease. Even five minutes before she was supposed to go out in her casual wear sh seemed good! But the momment she was supposed to go on stage she was terrified! So she had a minor meltdown and I explained to her that she didn't have to do anything that she did not want to do. But she was determined and pulled herself together. So I did have to have walk out with her but she did do it. She still had to walk for the dress part of the competition. So she quickly changed and took her place in line. She did walk out this time by herself nerves and all, smiled a shy smile and was obviously terribly nervous. But in the end she placed 4th and her friend Lexie who is pictured with her placed 2nd. I was so proud of her and her accopmlishment! She's a great example in perseverance!

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