Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Inspired by the change in the season

So as you may have noticed the lists of blogs I have been reading is growing. I am so inspired by these women and their craftiness. I have found about a gazillion projects that I want to complete and expand on. Now all's I need to do is prioritize!
I am also lovin this time of year so much. I pulled out my crock pot and have used it twice in the last week. I also have been using the bread machine Laurie gave me for christmas. Dawson is lovong that because he is such a bread eater. The boy won't touch noodles, rice and most forms of potato, bu can't seem to get enough of bread.
I also baked a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip bars. They were so yummy! I seem to always get inspired to cook when the weather starts to change. Then again I can run the oven without boiling everyone out of the house now!
Last but not least I have been cleaning my office. It has become so disorganized, plus since I am basically closing my daycare in November there are alot of things to donate and sell.

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