Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On the bright side

This article was posted in todays daily local newspaper. The green print is my son and I was so proud of him this evening! He presented his power point presentation on the charity he chose to support (UNICEF). I am so impresssed by the students and how much they learned. It is so important that they learn about helping others. After telling Dawson how wonderful his presentation was, his response to me was "I almost peed my pants". Aww the words out of a nine year olds mouth. Nerves, my little man was nervous. But honestly I was impressed that he was ably to present in front of all of his classmates and their families. :

On the Bright Side: Students encourage charity supportBy Mark BoshnackStaff Writer
You can make a difference.
That is something that fourth-grade Milford Central School teacher Priscilla Heath wanted her students to learn this year, along with their regular curriculum.
The results will be on display tonight when parents and family are invited to "Give a Little Bit" at 6 p.m. in Room 118.
The project, in its first year, had students pick their favorite charities and prepare PowerPoint presentations encouraging people to donate their spare change.
Students have decorated milk jugs to hold the donations, which will be collected until students return to school in January, Heath said.
One of the things students learn during the year is to write a persuasive paper, said Heath, who is in her third year teaching at Milford. But she wanted something more for her students.
"I wanted to let them know they could make a difference at such a young age," she said.
Students employed not only their reading and writing skills, but learned about interviewing and Internet research, she said.
One of those presenting will be 9-year-old Katie Gale.
"I love horses," she said in explaining why she chose the Guide Horse Foundation.
It trains miniature horses to help people with disabilities, Gale explained. The
animals have long life spans and good memories, she said.
Joshua Schecter, 9, chose Heifer International because it helps people around the world by providing animals as a source of income and food.
Veronica Sanchez, 10, chose Mothers Against Drunk Driving because it seeks to stop needless accidents, she said.
The donation buckets will be in the hall during the presentations, so people can donate in confidence, Heath said.
Other causes covered and their student fundraisers are: SPCA _ Dustin Williams; Canine Partners for Life _ Daniel Banks; Feed the Children _ Nathan Bennett and Dylan Green; Animal Protection Institute _ Quintin Carroll; Make A Wish Foundation _ Serena Chase; Meals on Wheels _ Elijah Eggleston; Toys for Tots _ Rileigh Griffiths; Wildlife Conservation Society _ Keenan Holliday; Ronald McDonald House _ Victoria Munro; UNICEF _ Dawson Price; American Red Cross_- Danielle Ashe.
More information about donating to "Give a Little Bit" is available on the school's website at by logging into Heath's page and going to charity event.


Martha Lee said...

This is a very cool idea Dawson's teacher had or got from somewhere; I often find my best "ideas" come from someone else. I am proud of Dawson as well. I hope this finds you all well. Tell Laney I say hello.

Michael said...

This is great! I love this time of year when you read about people helping people... What a great learning experience for Dawson.
Love ya,