Wednesday, January 28, 2009


EASILY………………. Aggravated, agitated, on edge, annoyed, stressed, every little thing making my body tense and my mind race. I hate days like these. Granted I rarely feel like this but today for some reason I honestly could just lock myself in the closet with a good book and not think of one other thing. Of course today of all days I have hampers full of laundry, school closed due to the impending snow, and an absolutey no desire to prepare any meals . I just want to turn the music way up and dance through the house and throw everyone else out in the snow. But being mom I have to do every possible thing to push these feelings aside to take care of those I love. I will smile or at least attempt to and do my very best to be attentive! I guess it's time to break out candy land and encourage Dawson to turn off the video games, and start boiling eggs for egg salad, and dance around the house with my darling little ones!

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Michael said...

That's too cute B. You put it so nicely about our jobs in being Mom's. Crazy days pass by slow, but life will pass by fast. It's great that you put a smile of your face and push ahead. Your a wonderful Mom. Love ya.