Wednesday, February 11, 2009

While it was cold outside.........

This past weekend we left the cold behind us and went to Lake George. Wait........... Lake George in the winter......... you may be saying to yourself how in the heck did they leave the cold hehind them in Lake George NY in February. It's quite simple actually........... We went to the indoor water park at the Great Escape. It was an incredibly warm relaxing, suprizingly inexpensive 24 hours. The park was not overly huge, nut that was so great because it gave Dawson and Ashlyn some freedom to do a little roaming without mom and dad hovering over them and worrying to much about their whereabouts. Lines were short so up and down the slides we went. Relaxing on the lazy river was a highlight for me! I got to hold my sweety's hand while our tubes floated side by side. I generally am not a huge water park fan, but honestly I adore this place!
The lodge was beautiful. The people who worked there were friendly and helpful! Looney Tune charectors were just about around every turn ready and willing to hug and interact and act silly for our children. Laney especially enjoyed story hour at bedtime with Tweety! SO our little getaway was a complete success!

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