Thursday, August 23, 2012

She Loved Me

"Hi Bronwen! I am still smiling from you r vry sweet msg. I was thinking about u too! Thats why you called. Lots to chat about my dear. I love you and miss u to." Bonnie Clarke July 11, 2012 MEMORIES, my MEMORIES, your memories, our memories How many times in my life did I hear? "Oh Bronwen why did you cut your hair?" "You smell lovely" "You are a good mother" "You certainly picked the right guy. I worried about you but you did good." "I knew I knew those legs. You have always had beautiful long legs." "Your mom is always sayin; it's fiine, everythings fine."" "Candi, Bronwen, Annmarie,Bronwen." Those are the things I hear These are the things that I see..... SMILES bright smiles.... that reach your eyes.... I don't know that you ever looked at me with disappointment, no matter what I had to say Silver jewelry Black Pants Black flats Hair curled Makeup done Late nights Late mornings Apples in your kitchen Kitties Dogs Glasses Smiles, more smiles "He won't take Dylan. Your mom has already lost Brendon. He won't take Dylan." -Before his second tour in Iraq Fingers in frosting, my mom, my beautiful mom playfully swatting you away The only person I knew who could operate a VCR to tape her soaps when she wasn't around Late nights Late mornings She love wholeheartedly. She was proud of all of US, and she made sure we all knew it..... She was funny, and she thought I was funny... laughed from her stomach, "Oh Bronwen" She set goals and but herself wholely into whatever she did She was the first person I went to when I thought I was pregnant. She was the first person I told when I knew I was. She encouraged me to follow my dreams and do my very best She loved me

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