Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sick, sick and still sick post birthday and Winter Weekend

So obviously from my above title you know I have been sick. I have the most annoying hacky cold. (I am so grateful for the fact that Kenneth had yesterday off, since I slept most of the day away.)

So to recap this past weekend I should start with friday. Clarissa, Becky and I took our young women to winter weekend. Which all in all was really lacking in joyious events for myself on friday do to the fact that I was getting sick. It probably did not help that I didn't get to bed till 1am.

Now this brings us to saturday and my 30th birthday. Which I might add I wasn't entirely looking forward to anyway. I have no idea why I am having issues with the fact that I am 30, but I am. Butr since there is nothing I can do about it I'm done complaining! The girls had a morning of mini classes, which included Clarissa's dance class. I might add that I had alot of fun watching all these young men and women learning some swing. They really seemed to enjoy themselves.

We all then participated in a food drive. (I had the opportunity to stay back and rest, which really didn't happen. It was hard trying to find a comfortable place to relax. So I gave up and started helping set up for all of the goods that were being brought back) We received so much that was donated to the local foodbank. It is really nice to beable to give back to the community. I am sure it warmed everyones heart in the cold weather they tromped through during their collecting.

So anyways I didn't get home till after 10pm. But I came home to candlelight, soft R&B and rose pedals and a hot bath. I was so grateful to Kenneth for all that he did for me considering how I was feeling. Unfortunately Sunday morning I woke up feeling worse then I had the two previous days and this basically was the theme of the next two days. Fortunately I am at least able to function today. Coughing and hacking, constantly blowing my nose, but functioning. Which I am grateful for. I didn't want to have to close my daycare again today!

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