Friday, February 15, 2008

Orange roses and Valentines

So I am not a traditionalist when it comes to roses. I have little use for the classifications of colors and their supposed meanings! I love all colors, dayly my favorite changes. I think it has something to do with the artistic side of me. I believe all colors emit love. Sure I love a red rose, but I don't have to have them on Valentines day. In all honestly I don't need flowers at all. But I desire them, and love the colors they bring into my life. Kenneth has always given me flowers. Every flower he has ever given me are locked in my mind. I their their beauty and the love they represent.

Now I know I have been talking all about "me", like i said I adore Valentines day. But Kenneth and our children love it also. I think it's exciting when they come running in the door all high on sugar and excited about the little gifts and cards they received. I secretly purchased carnations from the french club to give to Dawson and Ashlyn with a little note of love. They were so excited to receive them.

Dawson was a little embarassed to receive them, but I know he loved them all the same. He doesn't like to be the center of attention with everyone looking at him. He's oblivious to the little girls who gawk and fawn all over him! Honestly I am thrilled he's not one of those crazy boys chasing all the girls. It's nice that he's 9 years old and still is and wants to be a little boy! (It's scary to me how quickly these days children feel the need to be all grown up)

Ashlyn was just as excited to give her valentines. (We purchased valentines from Friendly's for easter seals.) She on the other hand loves to be in the spotlight and was sure to tell every child who received a valentine how they would get a free icecream cone at Friendly's.

Kenneth brought home helium filled balloons for the kids. A butterfly for Ashlyn, Transformers for Dawson and an Elmo birthday balloon for Laney. (she loved that her balloon had Elmo on it. It's not Kenneth's fault the only one they had said happy birthday, and she's 2 so she had absolutely no idea anyways).

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amie said...

isn't it funny how a balloon and flower can thrill a child? genna loved hers as well. we can all learn a lesson for their love of the simple things!