Thursday, March 13, 2008

Butterfly Conservatory

After church on Sunday we took the kids, courtiously of their great grandmas Christmas present

to the Butterfly Conservatory. My first thoughts entering this wonderious place was how beautiful it was. It was a magical place of free flying butterfly's and birds. Turtles who crossed your path and huge iguanas and camelions around every corner. The kids loved being so close to these amazing creatures and were courtious of their environment. I have to admit I was a little nervous knowing everything was free to roam, because childrens hands tend to roam also. But they were so good. Laney loved the fish and the turtles! She loved the butterfly's if they weren't flying to close to her. She said she was scared of them when they would get to close. We really had a nice afternoon hanging as a family, enjoying the beauty but not necessarily the warmth. I didn't think about how warm it would actually be in there! But all the same it was a memorable afternoon.

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amie said...

we haven't used our tickets yet. genna loves to try and catch butterflies, so i guess we'll have to watch her especially well. sounds like fun!