Wednesday, March 19, 2008

wait... did I mention they were 7 and 8?!?!

I just had the most fascinating interesting slightly but barely worrisome experience. So the story starts with my 7 year old daughter running over to me because her 8 year old boy friend (meaning boy that is a friend) was upset and covering his eyes (standing in a typical teenager boy stance, you know the one boys do when they are not receiving the answer they thought they were going to receive). So anyways my 7 year old says, "mom, sosos upset with me because I don't him as a boyfriend, only as a friend." My first thought was what?!? and how in the heck did this conversation even start........ so my 7 year old starts to cry because she does like him and doesn't want there to be a misunderstanding, and being the boy that he is he hides in the bathroom and then in Dawsons room because he is also upset, but not acting in the same way as her. She then runs to her room, crys on her bed so that he can hear her and after not receiving a reaction, throws herself on her brothers bed in another fit of tears as he writes a note the computer apoligizing for upsetting her and then they are friends again in a matter of minutes. It was the craziest experience in the world for me. I felt like I was dealing with teenagers............ wait, did I mention that they are 7 and 8!

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