Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am Super Duper excited

So at the end of the month Laney and I will be spending time with Natalie and her two girls on our old stomping grounds. I am so excited! Back on Manito where things are so different but all the memories are the same. My grandparents old home at the end of the cul de sac. A place that holds so many many memories for me. It will be weird to walk by it and not just beable to open the front door and go in to my old room. It's a little sad. I loved that home, it was my home. The place that always felt right to me.
It's unbelievabe how quickly all the wonderful memories that come to the front of my mind from our old home. I have known Nat since we were 4 years old. No matter where my family was as soon as Nat and I were back together it was as if we were never apart. I amso grateful to have been blessed with such a wonderful best friend. A constant in my life that was so needed at different times! I adore her!

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