Friday, June 13, 2008

Purple permanent marker and the amazing blanket Ghost

To the top of this snazzy little blog be have the amazing blanket ghost. Now this ghost only appears at bedtime and regularly scheduled naps! Laney seems to believe that if she can't see us she must be invisable.So she ever so quietly sneaks out of her bed and will stand in the center of whatever room you may be in. I quess another reason she may be invisable is because Kenneth and I try to ignore the fact that she is standing there in hopes that she will return to bed. We are not that lucky though!
And to the right we have the permanent purple marker monster.
The other day when I stupidly assumed that Laney was sleeping like she was supposed to be she was actually turning herself into a beautiful
piece of art work. Of course I do not keep permanent markers lying about, but it just so happens that her wonderful big sis had one in her back pack. Which being the 7 year old that she is she did not put it up, and Laney being the wonderfully curious two year old that she is went through her sisters bag, thus creating our memory to our right!

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