Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Vacation

So Kenneth and I took our wonderfully beautiful family to the Adirondacks for our family vaca this summer. To be perfectly honest we had a wonderful time! It was great to beable to let the kids be free to be free. They were so relaxed and better behaved then I have seen them in the past few months.

The water was warm even if the last couple of days were on the cool side. We beat the rain, which I am so grateful for! A trip mid week to the Enchanted Forest Water Safari was alot of fun. Dawson went down a water slide they call KillaMajara. Seriously scary! He also forgot the cross his legs and ended up with a major weggie. He loved it anyways!

Basically we relaxed on the beach most days and spent ample by the fire. Evenings were spent with family playing games and just giggling over tales of our pasts. It really was alot of fun!

Kenneth and his brother Derek climbed Owl's head mountain early one morning and came back with some fun pics of their comedic antics.

We were also able to see some free shows that were presented by the Adirondacks theatre arts camp. Kymm and I went and watched a performance of RENT. It was so good, these kids were really talented! Unfortunately one of the guys did not have an ideal voice for one of the parts! But all in all I was really impressed. We also took the kids to see a presentation of High school musical. This performance was alright. The kid who played Troy was not convincing and was not a good singer. Ashly would crunch up her face every time he would start to sing!

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