Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WFMW : Crock Pots and Bread Machines

So I have become an avid blog reader and came across this woderful blog: . She has this Works For Me Wednesday and basically it is a "blog carnival" . The idea is that on Wednesday you post a little tip you've learned on any (G-rated) topic--anything that has "worked for you" in making your life easier. You post a link back to her WFMW post, and enter your link in the "Mr. Linky" form at the bottom of the post.
So this is my first submission!
I adore my bread machine! Besides it being so easy, your house smells incredible, plus you can make some of the most amazing desserts!
I also adore my crock pot! I cannot get enough crock pot recipes! It makes life so much simpler! Things can get pretty hectic after school and it's nice to know that dinner has been cooking away, fresh bread will be served and my family will be happy and full!

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