Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Clocks that Chime and Tick

Kenneth told me of this beautiful memory last evening of him as a child. (mostly he swears he doesn't remember being a child, but I think it's him trying to be all tough and manly, I guess being nostalgic isn't manly!) But anyways he asked me last evening if I knew how how much he loved clocks. Especially ones that ticked and chimed? I think having the clock his dad gave him made him nostalgic. He proceeded to tell me a story of him as a child. His parents would make a huge deal out of Christmas. Kenneth swears he must have been the oldest child in his class who still believed in Santa because his parents created such magic for them. Most Christmas Eves they would stay the night at their Grandma Price's. Kenneth loved doing this. He would lay in bed at night listening to the clock tick and chime in anticipation of Christmas morning and the wonder it would bring. I love this story and wanted others to feel the magic of it also.

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