Thursday, November 13, 2008

I will go and do.........

I just found out that our wonderful Young Women's president and her little family will soon be leaving us. My heart is hurting and my tummies a jumble of nerves. I will miss them dearly and can't help but feel some sadness. Thank you Clarissa for all you have done for me! I will miss that sweet faced baby girl of yours!
I am nervous because I am first councelor is the Young Women's presidency and get so nervous when I know a change is upon us. I will go and do what my Heavenly Father wants of me but I hope and pray it is still in the Young Women's organization. I love these girls so much and want to beable to help them in any way that I possibly can. I have grown so much in the last year from the many blessings I have received in this calling.

I am feeling a sense of peace as I write this. My nerves are quieting and heart is open.

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