Thursday, November 20, 2008

Paint Fest!

Painting to music!
Getting ready for the holidays!

Finished product! She was so proud!

Our girls painting pottery that is being auctioned off for charity at a Chili Fest Laney Bug painting the Mayor!

Edible paint!

Ashlyn's edible cookie for her dad!
I love watching them work, a look of concentration!
Blowing paint! I think this was one of Dawson's favorite things to do!

Laney blowing paint!
This past weekend I took the kids to a local Paintfest and McDonald's Playland! It was a lovely afternoon of classes and fun! We were joined by my friend Dorothy and her darling kids (their not pictured because I wanted to get permission before I plastered them on the internet). We had such a great time! It was nice to beable to sit and chat with another adult!

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