Friday, December 12, 2008

My Great Grandmother's Christmas Cactus

I love my Christmas Cactus! It really has alot of sentimental value to me. I look forward to it's first bloom! It's a highlight of the season for me. You may be asking yourself why is this beautiful pink flowering cactus important to me?
Kenneth and I were married on December 19, 1998. At the time my mom was the sole owner of this wonderious little plant! Mom was telling me that year of how her Grandmother's cactus generally bloomed just after Thanksgiving, but on this particular year it had yet to bloom. But you know what? It had it's first open bloom on the very day Kenneth and I were married. I like to think that my Great Grandma Marie had something to do with this sole bloom. As you know plants grow and I inheritted a cutting from that very cactus. So as I said before I look forward to the first bloom of the season. It reminds of my Great Grandmothe and the memories I have of her home in Colts Neck New Jersey.
On a side note I didn't get my first bloom till February last year because my wonderful hubby beheaded my cactus while dusting, but with some TLC I was able to nurse it back to good health and it continues to take off!

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