Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Update, update!

There is so much to blog about that I haven't an idea where to start. Christmas was so wonderful! The kids were thrilled with their gifts from Santa. I to was especially thrilled with the wonderful gifts from my dear dear hubby Kenneth. I got a beautiful strand of green pearls! They are gorgeous! I have always wanted pearls! Plus Kenneth got me the new Ancestry program for recording my genealogy! Whoo Hooo!
My grandparents came to visit and were here from Tuesday to Friday! We had a wonderful visit! My grandfather repaired my dishwasher and my bathroom door! Plus deep cleaned my stove! (they should come around more ofton J/K!) My Grandma gave me the most thoughtful gift. Recently we had been talking about The Lonely Doll Books (if you haven't read them, you should! All little girls should have them.) But anyways when I was in fifth grade my mom got me a porcelin doll for Christmas. She reminded me of Edith and from then on that is who she was. When we had the fire in our home a few years back she was badly damaged and went to dolly heaven. So my grandma braught me a new doll. I truely appreciated the sentiment. It really meant alot to me!
We also got to visit with Dylan (finally home from Iraq and waiting for his final orders to beable to leave the military) and his girlfriend Samantha. I am so grateful he is home to stay!
Then on Friday we went and spent the entire weekend with my mother in law and Kenneth's brothers and sister. Granted we weren't far but it was nice to be together for the holiday!
So all in all we had a wonderful holiday!

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