Friday, April 10, 2009


Things have been super busy around here. I have been building my hair accessory business and etsy shop! Working any momment I have in our office assembling and creating hair accesories! So check out my shop at

Dawson started baseball this past week and there is noticable improvement in his game! It is so great to see him excel! He thinks baseball is a little boring but her continues to play and get better.

Ashlyn decided not to play softball this year. But that's okay! She actually has signed up to do Girls on the Run. She will be training to run 5K in June!

Laney is anxiously awaiting to start school in September. She constantly is saying how big she is getting and asking to go to school. She's hysterical!

Last but not least Kenneth is assembling a new plane. It's his baby and he probably won't be flying it this year because he will be to afraid to! But he has other's to practice with!

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Claire said...

Wahoo for your business! Those clips are so much fun!
Sounds like you are already packed for the summer! I am getting ready for school to start in two weeks (yikes!) and Dan is actually getting ready to head to your neck of the woods for a month. I am jealous that he will get to see you!