Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Been a long time

With Spring here and the end of the school year approaching our schedules have been packed full. Sometimes overwhelmingly full!
Baseball season is in full swing and Dawson continues to improve and learn everyday. He hit his first double on Monday! I was proud he didn't think it was such a big deal. But he's wrong and we were impressed!
Ashlyn bridged from a Brownie to a Junior Girl Scout. She is so full of life and does things with such energy. She also has learned to ride her bicycycle. Which was a great acomplishment to her especially since we do not have any place for her to ride at home. Thankfully we have the van and her bike travels to the park with us for Dawson's baseball games.
Dawson and Ashlyn has there spring plays this past week and they were just darling. Dawson's class did a tribute to the Wizard of Oz and he played one of the Lollipop crew! Wish I had pictures to post but I just shot video that night. Ashlyn played a Monkey in her play and had her own couple of lines. I was impressed!
Laney is enjoying the joys of spring and all the flowers around her. SHe picks her "Dragon lion" Aka Dandelions and always is swiping my tulips and presenting them to me. No matter how many times I have asked her not to puck the tulips she still does! (it's hard to chastise her, because she presents them to me with just joy!).
Kenneth and I are busy, busy, busy but did manage to get a date night in the week before last. Which was so fun and long overdue!

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