Tuesday, September 15, 2009

.....and so it begins

I cannot believe September is already here! So many changes our way. Our little Laney has entered school. It's a big deal! This child has been begging to go to school for two years. ( I guess that is what happens when you have two older siblings!) She loves it! That isn't even a big enough explanation about how she feels! She is lourishing, one week in and already she knows things!! (Not that she didn't know things... but you catch my drift!
Ashlyn made her first soccer goal of the season! GO ASHLYN! She was so modest about it but I was thrilled for her! SHe is also pee wee football cheerleading. She has a pretty full plate right now, but seem sto do better when she is busy busy busy!
Dawson to is playing soccer and adjusting calmly to the differences of fifth grade. Already he is super busy with work, but I have so worries because he is absolutely brilliant!
As for me I started working full time outside of the house for the first time in five years and am adoring it. I feel so much more organized and together! I feel whole! Plus being as Kenneth and I get to ride into work and home together. It gives us time to chat without little noses butting in! Kenny actually had an entire 8 hours to himself yesterday because I was working and the kids were in school. I honestly cannot remember the last time that has actually happened!
Life is good and I am so grateful for all that we have!

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Clarissa said...

It sounds like you are having such an exciting time in life! Yeah for your kids growing up and having success! Where are you working? Congrats on getting a job and I hope it helps out.
We sure miss you and would like to get to see you someday sooner than later! I think about you often... keep this blog up to date girl! Love much!