Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Camping Trip

I wish I could report that our summer camping trip was a joyous occasion but unfortunately it was not. We had two fairly nice days and 5 cold, rainy, freeeeeezing days. Seriously I was cold and freeeeeezing for days. The kids seemed fine though. They really did not seem to mind the above obstacles ( I guess mom is a big baby when it comes to badddd weather and 25 MPH winds, BLAAAAAHHHHH). But honestly I was pretty miserable. I would definitely have to rate this my worst camping experience. The high lights for me were that the kids were happy and easily occupied, Kenneth catered to me because I was in such a foul mood and I finished a great book! I did get some great pics though!

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Clarissa said...

Sorry your trip was so bad to you! When mom's stressed, no one really has that great of time :)
I was just thinking about you and wondering how your family and you were. I have been missing you lately and wanted you to know that.
Thank you for the update!