Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ashlyn's Letter to Santa

Last evening Ashlyn brought Kenneth and I her letter to Santa written in a small book form of recycled drawing paper. It touched my heart and I would like to share it with everyone this holiday season. ( I will post it as she wrote it!)

Dear Santa,
I want alot of different things for Crismas. I am not going to tell you them all because I do not want to selfish. I want a coul pair of earings. Maybe some with fake dimonds in them that would make me extra happy! Maybe some from Dlairs from the mall. I love clairs, I also want anouther Tiger Beat Magazine with Justin Bieber in it. I love him so much. He is one of my friends on .........com. I have alot of friends on .........com. I want more though. I want a sell phone that you can go on the internet and one that can play moucic on it. Make sure your elves do not work to hard on me. I do not need alot for Crismas because my parents do so much for me I do not relize it. I want to make my parents to relize how much I care about what they do for me. I feal bad because I do not show them how much I realy care. Back to what I want for Crismas. The other thing I want for Crismas is some hair ties and kind of hairties. No pink hairties because I share my sisters pink hair ties with her. I like it when people share. It is fun to share because Crismas is not all about the presents. It is about haveing fun and having your hart in the right place and it is also anbout giving and helping others. Don't you think. I forgot to wish you a mary crismas and a happy new year. I hope you write back to me. I love to read letters. I hope I get what I want. If I do not I will still have the best crismas ever. I hope you have a good crismas too.

Love your friend,

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