Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finding Balance

Back in September I started working fulltime outside of the home after five years of being home. (Granted while I was home I ran a pretty successful daycare for two and a half years) I LOVE being back to work but I am having difficulty finding balance.
I used to make these amazing meals and my hubby pointed out to me the other evening that I have totally been slacking in this area. He's right I have been.... So my new goal to be be better pre-prepared and not running around like a mad mama when I get home trying to figure out what I can quickly cook.
Plus the kids are so busy with their own activities we seem to have to depend on others to help get them where they need to be. (Boy scouts, girl scouts, travelling soccer, general play dates, church activities,girls on the run, and whatever else may pop up). Also to coinside with this little narrative we seem to be missing alot of things that parents can participate in: Odyssy of the Mind competition, soccer games, Girls Scout ceremonies (these particular things were over the last month).
Finding family time in general is difficult. Thank goodness we manage to have dinner together most nights and family prayer.
Last but not least ME time. I am an artist and crafter and really want to find time to exercise. DO you think I have had any time to do anything.... nope not at all! Well thats not completely true.. I did take apart a pair of gray cotton palazzo shorts and am transforming them into a pretty cute skirt. It's all pinned ready to be sown, but yet again I have not had two second to run them throught the sowing machine!
So fellow followers any ideas? I could use some right about now!


Anita said...

Read this article called "Putting Family First" from the February Ensign. I just read it the other night, and it sounds almost exactly like your situation!


Good luck :)

Anita said...

And if that link won't work, just go to www.lds.org and search for the article there. It'll pop up.