Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Weekend away

It was so wonderful to beable to get away and visit with Natalie. Finally true adults, with several of the same memories and life experiences. Having brutally honest conversations about several things that for some reason or another we have kept hidden from one another. I wonder why that is? Possibly the fear of being judged by one another, which honestly is the lamest excuse I can think of because there is absolutely no reason for it. Nat is my best friend through and through. Who better to talk to then that particular person besides your spouse.
I enjoyed spending time with her family. I especially enjoyed seeing Nat's grandma. Though I had been reluctant to go there in fear of Laney breaking something in her beautiful not so kid friendly home! But our visit was a success and I am so grateful to have gone.
I look forward to seeing Nat and her wonderfully spunky little girls! I just hope that we don't alllow to much time to pass before we visit again!
I adore her and honestly don't know what I would ever do without her!

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