Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"My" Michael Jackson Memories

I have always associated songs with memories and because of this one of my favorite songs of Michael Jackson's was Billie Jean. I remember being about the age of six and living in Georgia after my parent's had split up. We lived in an apartment complex, a place I have fond an vivid memories of. This particular complex had a pool that my mom would take my brother and sister's to on the hot summer day's. I don't believe I had ever lived in a place where we had access to a pool everyday and I remember a hot summer day with Billie Jean in the air, at least it felt like it was in the air....(the reality was it was probably be being pumped through speakers) but to me it surrounded me with the excitement of the day. It has always been a fond memory and hearing that song brings it back to me every time.
Another memory I believe may have been the Christmas of that very same year. My Aunt Mary gave me a Michael Jackson barbie doll for Christmas. I remember my uncle's teasing my aunt mercilessly about getting this for me because they thought Michael Jackson was rediculious. They were boys of seventies rock! But I can see this barbie vividly. Trademark Michael jackson, black curly g-curls, red shimmering jacket with gold piping, black satan pants with red piping, silver socks and his trade mark glove. This doll is actually in my memory box minus his socks and shoes!

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