Friday, January 22, 2010

Staph infections, Scarlett fever, Strep and Ear Infections

Sounds pretty scary doesn't it! This was my past week. It all started a week ago when my little man was noticably sick for about 24 hours. About two days later he was completely covered in a rash. Now Dawson has sensitive skin and reacts funky to different things. So I assumed it was a reaction to the new shampoo. So I was dosing my poor boy with Benadryl.... So now its friday and I noticed he was having trouble putting on his coat.
So I asked him, "Dawson whats going on? Why can't you get your coat on?"
"Well mom i have these blisters on my one hand from the rash and they broke and are really sore."
"Little man can I see the them?"
"I guess, it's no big deal!"
So my son hands me his hand ever so carefully and I about had a heart attack. His fingers were swollen and blister broken and obviously infected. I pulled myself together because I was gonna lose it. "Oh my gosh!!! Dawson this is infected! Where is your dad? Bud we need to go to the ER!! (serious panic mode) My dear dear hubby has the same reaction. So we send the girls off to school and head to the emergency room.
I am feeling like the nurse must think we neglect this 10 year old little man. "Dawson do you know how serious this is? Buddy you need to tell us things. Good and bad, but seriously I want to know. (He's the type of child who doesn't want to bother you with anything....)
SO it turns out he has a staph infection. Two antibiotics and a day off from school, with a weekend home he was on the mend. Thankfully!!
Monday comes and our littlest is complaining of a sore throat. Dad's home with her because mom's at work...... "Babe, Laney's running a low grade temp..", "Oh man I hope everything is alright!" Tuesday morning comes and my blond blued eyes angel is pink and glassy eyed. Obvioulsy running a pretty hefty temp.... "Kenny, Laney has blotches on her shoulders.", "She's probably fine, you know how her skin is in the winter." (she needs to be heavily mousturized otherwise she gets chapped) Over the next forty five minutes I watch as her entire body is covered in what I thought had been Dawson's allergic reaction to shampoo. I wasn't going to mess around, so I made an appointment for this darling little girl. Our appointment comes and goes with a diagnosis of strep, scarlett fever and an ear infection...
Finally our children are on the mend and I pray that Ashlyn is spared!